Jun 16 2015

I’m on Patreon


You may have noticed a few recent changes to the blog. First off, I’ve finally added a little preview of Quetzalcoatl, a novel(la?) about the crew and passengers of an interstellar cruise ship which runs into an alien craft on its way to the colony world of Alphenor. Second and most exciting, I’ve made a Patreon account.

“What’s Patreon?” you may wonder. It’s a place where you can show your support for artists, authors, and game creators by pledging money in exchange for access to exclusive content and unique rewards. Here’s a quick breakdown for those who are interested.

Patrons who pledge $1/month will get early access to content, including sneak peeks and extra chapters of all my works-in-progress. There will be short stories which take place in between novels, and deleted/alternate versions of scenes from published works.

Patrons pledging $3/month or more will get everything the $1 patrons do, with the added privilege of voting on project decisions; when I’m hesitating between two endings or want input on which project I should focus on next, YOU will get to decide.

Reward-5.pngIf you’re willing to part with $5/month or more, your name will go into a pool which I will draw from every time I need a name for a new character. You’ll get everything the lower tiers do, of course, and whenever I draw from this pool, I’ll make an announcement so you know when your name has been chosen.

CharSilas.png   CharQuetz.png   CharPeg.png

For extra-generous donors, I have an extra special reward; a guaranteed character slot in one of my upcoming novels. These are limited based on the number of named characters I have in the novel, but are more likely to be speaking roles than those in the $3 name pool. Donors at this level will either have their full name used for a character, OR their physical persona (and possibly quirks) used to flesh out the character. I have 10 guaranteed slots each for Silas and Quetzalcoatl, and a full 30 for Pegasus Chained.

So if you like what you’ve been seeing here, or just want to support me in my endeavors, click on over to my Patreon page and take a look. Thanks for your support!

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