May 19 2015


Having my (and my husband’s) blog hacked was not exactly a pleasant experience, but it gave me an excuse to restructure the site in some fun ways. I’ll take any opportunity to throw together some pretty graphics or tweak a new WordPress theme; I even learned a few new things while digging into my website’s back end to make sure we’d closed off all our vulnerabilities.

The first of the front end changes is my content sidebar on the left there. Going forward, each of my projects will have its own page, a sort of hub for progress notes and samples for people to read. (Some of these are up already, but new things are shortly to come.) My work-in-progress posts will have a new format, and I’m still working on ideas for a writing advice section; probably not as comprehensive as those some of my friends on Twitter run, just little things that occur to me during the writing process.

The second major change is that I’d like to start blogrolling some of my fellow authors in that sidebar space, especially those whose input and advice have helped me along the way. If you’ve got a writing blog and want in, simply find me on Twitter or Facebook (links at the top of the page) and drop me a line.

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