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Peregrine is the story of Talia de Santos, a soldier stranded with her half-brother in the demilitarized zone between her homeland and another faction. The setting: an America divided, shattered into a dozen different nation-states.

Talia struggles to escape, then to survive in the gang-ridden Zone, forging alliances after the apparent death of her half-brother. She soon becomes embroiled in a plot to break the cease-fire and plunge her nation into another bloody war.

Peregrine is a 1 hr drama inspired by Eiji Yoshikawa’s Musashi.

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This work is complete and available for option. Series bible available upon request.

Mars SmallWhat if the Nazis could read their enemies’ minds? That mental image is just your first glimpse into the world of The Mars Exploit. With the resistance all but wiped out, a disenfranchised programmer must sneak past an army of telepathic soldiers to plant the virus which will topple their authoritarian regime.

The Mars Exploit is a space opera adventure by Alex Tingle, adapted for the screen by Yours Truly.
The Mars Exploit 6th Draft – Sample Only


In Mariposa, a pregnant stewardess and a PTSD-suffering amputee are trapped inside a sinking cruise liner in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Can they escape before a storm plunges them to the bottom of the sea?

Mariposa is a feature-length film which draws inspiration from the wreck of the Costa Concordia.

Mariposa – Sample Only

Wolf KanjiHe’s a half-Egyptian wizard looking for his parents. She’s a tech-savvy werewolf in the middle of a turf war. Together, they’re like oil and water – but when a cult of nihilist sorcerers tries to accelerate the Apocalypse, this unlikely pair might be the only ones who can save the world.

The Ninth Well takes place in a world most of us refuse to see – a world of magic just on the other side of the looking glass. Inspired by White Wolf’s Mage and Werewolf campaign settings, The Ninth Well is a full-length feature.

The Ninth Well – Sample Only


The following are bits of script I’ve written for nobody but myself. Whether I had a scene stuck in my head or just wanted to work on something fresh for a couple hours, these pages were created as practice, and not with intent for filming. Follow me on Twitter to make a request!

Wolf IconI wouldn’t be the writer I am without Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. Here are some warm-ups I wrote before I heard the exciting news – that the novels have been optioned for production as a major network TV show!

Whet your appetite with these
Excerpts from THE EYE OF THE WORLD

Elvenbane Cover SnippetOne of the stories I never stop thinking about is The Elvenbane, by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. Here are a couple pages taken from the beginning of the novel. Complete with cheesy first-draft dialogue!

The Elvenbane Part 1 (Warm-up 1/29/18)

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